Sunday, June 24, 2007

Super Amigos!

Super Amigos is a Mexican-based documentary (really!) about five activists who have adopted super-hero identities to fight problems in their communities. Taking on the characteristics of the Luche Libre tradition of Mexican wrestling, they don capes, masks, and costumes while fighting injustice. There are five wrestlers, including:

- Ecologista Universal, who fights pollution.
- Super Barrio, essentially "Super Union Worker."
- Super Gay, who battles homophobia in Mexico City.
- Super Animal, who battles matadors on behalf of animal rights.
- Fray Tormenta, a priest who fights poverty on behalf of children.

From the distributor:

"With a mixture of live action, comic book-style animation and a surf guitar soundtrack inspired equally by mariachi music and Batman, Super Amigos shows that with a little imagination, a good heart and the right mask, anyone can activate their communities to triumph over evil."

Finally, a trailer:

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PaHa said...

Hey, that looks great :-)