Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Photo A Day

Jamie Livingston took one polaroid picture a day, every day for 18 years, or, the day he died. His widow has placed the photos in chronological order on the Web, and it's stunning.

A synopsis, of sorts, is over here at Mental_Floss, but you can access the project directly (on one of a series of mirrors) here.

US A v SR: 1967, 66: Computer Animations: The Secret Cold War: Electric Boogaloo

A 1967 Computer Animation from the Soviet Union. ASCII film, sort of.

While the Pinkos were doing ASCII Art Animations, America's Invisible Hands of Computer Animation were clearly trippin' out on LSD:

Side note: In half-hazardly trying to research LSD's impact on Russian/Soviet culture, it becomes clear to me that there was no impact. At all. In fact, it seems LSD was seen as a tool of the CIA? Conspiracy theorists get a last laugh, or awesome? I can't tell.

ADDENDUM: An incomprehensible propaganda film in which Soviet ideals are taken to Mars is available here.

Friday, May 23, 2008

La Bionda

Maybe it is relevant to mention that the late-70's Italian Disco band La Bionda have wikipedia entries in Eastern European languages (and Italian) but not English.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Nascent Sexuality Polaroid Study

Nascent Sexuality Polaroid Study by Nate "Igor" Smith is a Google-Maps-and-Polaroid Project, which he describes best:

"I have spent the last decade of my life trying to make up for my short comings as a kid and that has left me perpetually single and probably a bit more promiscuous than is healthy. But my unhealthy relationship with women started slowly and those more innocent times bring back amazing memories and that’s what this project is all about. Working thorough those early sexual encounters and finding out what the fuck went wrong."

"No One," Eryk Salvaggio 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kent Rogowski

Kent Rogowski is an artist who makes collages out of various puzzle pieces for his new exhibition, "Love = Love."

"Love = Love is a series of puzzle montages. Flowers and skies were taken out of over 40 puzzles and combined to form a series of spectacular landscapes. Although puzzle pieces are unique and can only fit into one place within a puzzle, they are interchangeable within a brand."

The resulting puzzle images look like beautifully chaotic, misread sprite images from corrupted video games. But I am sure that speaks to my particular interests.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tron Guy @ ROFLCON

Tron Guy at ROFLCON. And there's me, at the 3:15 mark! Thanks, Ryan.