Wednesday, May 28, 2008

US A v SR: 1967, 66: Computer Animations: The Secret Cold War: Electric Boogaloo

A 1967 Computer Animation from the Soviet Union. ASCII film, sort of.

While the Pinkos were doing ASCII Art Animations, America's Invisible Hands of Computer Animation were clearly trippin' out on LSD:

Side note: In half-hazardly trying to research LSD's impact on Russian/Soviet culture, it becomes clear to me that there was no impact. At all. In fact, it seems LSD was seen as a tool of the CIA? Conspiracy theorists get a last laugh, or awesome? I can't tell.

ADDENDUM: An incomprehensible propaganda film in which Soviet ideals are taken to Mars is available here.

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Chris said...

The cat one reminded me of the (much) more recent Signal To Droids.