Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's Slow Motion Sunday!

Here's two videos that use slow motion in really beautiful ways. The first one is Menomena's new video for "Rotten Hell" which is on Barsuk Records (Ben Gibbard's label). It seems to evoke 70's board of education film stock with slow motion cafeteria food slinging. It's melancholic and ecstatic at the same time, somehow.

The second is older and has been around the block a few times, it's the promotional video for Sony's blah blah blah series TV's and is essentially a music video for Jose Gonzalez's cover of the Knife song, "Heartbeats."

Sony dropped 250,000 superballs onto the streets of San Francisco and played the results back in slow motion, which you can see in better-than-youtube-definition here. Low res isn't worth it, you'll just see a mess on your screen.

I know three videos is super intense, guys, but here's the exact opposite of slow motion: The video for Dan Deacon's "Crystal Cat." Check out how awesome that crystal cat's dancin is at the 1:30 mark!

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