Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Cat Wants to Get Married

While doing some research for a project I am doing on 78 rpm and Wax Cylinder recordings, I came across this Slovak gem from 1929: "Our Cat Wants to Get Married."


Our cat wants to get married
Yesterday she promised it to her boyfriend
Hey cat, don't do it!
Who will catch our mice?

Be careful little cat
When you get married you will be stupid
because your boyfriend doesn't want to work
and you will become a beggar

Hey tomcat, you've got sharp claws
Don't walk around our walls
You never do anything
Except date our white cat

1 comment:

Angeliska said...

This song makes me so happy- the lyrics, the tune!
It is strangely familiar to me, like a song I heard when I was a child.. Thank you for sharing it!