Monday, November 10, 2008

Construction of a radio for Anne Frank, as described in Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Into the Aeroplane and Over the Sea.”

Edible Wires:
In order for a fruit to conduct enough electricity to carry a sound wave, the wires should be constructed of a fruit with a high water yield, such as a grape or apple slices.

Ear piece for Two:
Should be constructed of an inexpensive silver material such as aluminum. In order to limit the listeners to two, should be one part with two speakers, encouraging head-to-head shared listening.

Additional Construction Notes:
The radio fuselage must be sealed in a small glass container with the tuning mechanism operated by a series of pulleys and weights.

Listening Instructions:

Upon completion, the radio is stored in a locked box until nightfall. Any station broadcasting to this device must operate exclusively at night and must contain musical numbers and fictional radio programs hosted by Anne Frank. Since no recorded material exists, re-enactments from her diary are permissible, so long as they are read by a girl of the same age as Frank, who can never be otherwise identified.


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