Friday, July 11, 2008

The "Terrible Ideas in New Media" File

Apparently, a time-traveler from 1996 has stumbled into our modern era, and they are doing what everybody did in the 1990's: A hot new internet startup! Based on "Virtual Reality!"

Wired reports on a company called Vivaty Scenes. The marketing pitch seems to be something like this:

"Hey, why surf YouTube or Facebook when you can load up another application and take charge of a (3D!) avatar that you can surf YouTube or Facebook with? As an added bonus, your instant messenger friends can also load up this program to talk to you via instant messenger (wow!) while you look at a Sims 2 clone of them with clothing that may or may not, in the future, be assigned to them by corporate sponsors.

It's gonna be awesome, especially because it takes cues from the MyCoke social network and expands on them."

Remember the MyCoke social network? No, because no one does. Except 9-year-olds. Who abandoned it.

Anyway, if you want to live life as it was lived back when you were totally excited about the Sneaker Pimps, you can check out Vivaty which, by the way, has a totally meaningless and unpronounceable name.

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