Thursday, June 5, 2008

Everyone is horrible

The New York Times today has an article on 24-year-old artist Yazmany Arboleda's gallery installations, "The Assassination of Hillary Clinton" and "The Assassination of Barack Obama." Perhaps unsurprisingly, secret service agents took the artist in for questioning, which I am sure he was totally bummed about and wasn't at all a result he was looking for, or anything. He was totally gonna make it to the New York Times anyway. Right?

Arboleda has "documented" the spaces with two (fictional) Web sites: one for Barack and one for Hillary. The exhibit itself, from what I could see, looks like a 4chan thread, but I guess that's the point: "It's about character assassination."

Hey! Check out how he made it look like Obama's book was called "The Audacity of BLACK Hope." Cuz Obama's black, and some people are racist! OMG that artist is totally challenging my understanding of the media!!!

Because Manhattanites have yet to discover murder, the titles in the window have been covered up by the NYPD, protecting our innocent little angels from bad ideas forever.

Awesome, Yazmany Arboleda. You made my day totally awesome.

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