Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm the best, man. I did it.

No really. Watch the first thirty seconds or so, get to know the world of Eli Porter. Maybe watch the first guy. But make sure, for the love of Christ, that you watch Eli Porter shred the mic at the 2 minute mark.

I want comments.

Also: He's not retarded. At least, if he is, don't tell me he is. I don't want to feel bad about this.


Anonymous said...

ELi porter is a genius, his lyrics (serious now) resonate with everyone who I know who has heard this, and the various remixes, so much so that at least in some places in texas it is blasted from the trunk.

Anonymous said...

Eli Porter is the modern day Shakespeare. He is a poet who came from the gutter and with his simple yet profound rhymes seeks to counsel the soul by delivering messages that are relevant to all stratas of modern society.

He has the swagger of Rakim, the wordplay of Eminem, the versatility of Redman, the 'kill-me-if-you-can' energy of Tupac and the storytelling abilities of Slick Rick.

Eli Porter.

Poet. Artist. Achiever. Visionary. Man of the masses and admired by the classes.

Celebrities on Eli:

Madonna: "I've been listening to his work on the internet and came across his freestyle. The versatility which he displayed in the video blew my mind. He is someone I would definitely like to work with."

Eminem: "Eli Porter. Ok. It was like this. I was in the studio recording taking a break from recording some tracks for Relapse 2 when I heard Dre crying in the soundboard room. When I went over, I saw him was glued to the screen of his laptop. I asked Dre what's up and he just kinda motioned me to sit down as he pointed his fingers towards the screen. When I saw the clip of Eli's rap battle, it was a surreal moment. I was kinda numb, naa mean? Went over to the studio and just ripped my sheets full of lyrics. Kinda made me step my game up. Naa mean?"

Iron Maiden: yeah YEAH We've seen the clip. This guy's some sort of a unique blend of rock, rap, soul, funk, pop, country and jazz. We've asked his tour manager if we can tour together.

Beyonce: "My o my o MY! Yeah, I've listened to his freestyle. And it know very cute. He is dishy too! In fact him and Jay-Z are equally good looking."

Eli Porter said...

THANK YOU FOf all you spport and kind words

TOO BADd only 1 judge knows im the best, thise othe 2 niggasis salt

yor freind,