Thursday, August 23, 2007

Software Publishers Association Ain't Nothing To Fuck With

When I think "entertainment," I think, "Early 90's industrially-produced Hip Hop Music Videos recorded and filmed to spread the word about behaviors which lead to the loss of corporate profits."

This video starts out slow, but if you still have a soul after watching the "Toothbeef" video from a few days ago, you will be unable to look away from this gem after the 1:30 mark. Until maybe the part where a bunch of programmers - er, "The Posse" - talk to you about how great teamwork is, and how they're all going to stop making their stupid games for you damn kids if you don't shell out your summer job money to buy extra copies of every program you own every time you get a new computer, because that's totally the law and not a lie, at all.

But then "DP" the rapper comes back, with those eyes filled with self-hatred! Self-hatred that we can only assume is about some illegal 3.5" floppy disk he's got stashed away in his closet, and not at the brutal manner with which the Software Publishers Association has slaughtered hip-hop. After that, you're hooked again.

"If the shoe fits," indeed!

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